How E-learning Can Address The Healthcare Training Challenges

How E-learning Can Address The Healthcare Training Challenges

How E-learning Can Address The Healthcare Training  Challenges

Many trends are emerging in the healthcare industry due to the rapid technological advancements that are transforming the entire healthcare industry. Today, healthcare is a booming industry and it is termed as one of the biggest industries across the globe.

What factors are responsible for such stupendous growth in this industry?

Factors that are influencing such stupendous growth in the healthcare industry are (1) Increase in chronic diseases and discovery of new pathogens (2) Aging population.

What challenge is this industry currently facing?

Both the above-mentioned factors have led to a situation where many people are beginning to be attacked by a number of diseases and not enough care is being accorded to such patients. To address needs like this, the healthcare industry needs to improve its services. This can be achieved through a skilled workforce. The workforce is getting expanded by the day with huge financial implications from this dynamic industry. It is very important that these resources are trained adequately and not left ignorant.

What is the burning need of this industry?

The need of the hour for this industry is a cost-effective method for better care and services from the healthcare professionals. The personnel should be equipped with better knowledge about the respective drugs and services and procedures.

How e-learning addresses the need?

The healthcare industry is a labor-intensive industry. An acute shortage of skilled labor can disrupt the functioning of this industry.

E-learning being synonymous with “Any place, Any time” learning, this is an added advantage for the workforce. This gives them the time to upgrade their knowledge level. With custom e-learning, we can offer courses that include simulations that demonstrate a particular medical procedure, animations of how a drug or method works. Thus, the workforce is not stressed away by time pressures, as it is easily accessible through a multiplatform.

Moreover, e-learning is less expensive than the traditional training methods. Have you ever wondered the cost that is incurred on a single day of training? It is nowhere less than a few thousand dollars. But, with e-learning, training is much more effective and a less costly affair. A report from WHO (World Health Organization) states that e-learning for healthcare professionals are much more effective, as it has a wide array of materials to offer – videos, audio, and so on.

Another major benefit of e-learning is its pervasive nature. With e-learning, you experience an interactive, collaborative learning experience. You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to complete a particular task.

Thus, to summarize, we see that e-learning solutions has become a valuable option to fix the challenges of the healthcare industry. The US government, for example, is running the Healthy People eLearning website, an online educational resource designed to help students and health professionals meet the country’s health goals, while the European Union has several e-health programs (with confusing EU bureaucratic names) going, including IROHLA. (Source:

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