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Guidelines for Content Chunking to Design Effective Online Courses

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Guidelines for Content Chunking to Design Effective Online Courses

What is content in the context of an eLearning course? It is the training material that is made available for developing an eLearning course. This is collected by instructional designers from various sources. Some of the content is provided by the subject matter experts, other materials may be shared by line managers or training managers. The content is usually developed by multiple authors and therefore lacks consistency in the way it is presented. After all, each author has his/her own style of writing and expressing thoughts.

At the same time, the content be delivered in multiple formats such as PDF files, brochures, hard copies, videos and audio recordings. Such content as a whole provides the required knowledge of the subject matter to instructional designers. However, as such content is not consistent in its format, it cannot be used as it is in an eLearning course. It needs to be curated and made suitable for the desired purpose.

Instructional designers assess this course content and choose what is relevant for the course. This is done by chunking content based on the learning objectives of the course. In effect, content chunking becomes an important part of eLearning course development.

Chunking content is not a simple process and needs to be done methodically. Here is an eBook that tells you exactly how to go about this task during eLearning course development. Download the free eBook now!

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