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An Instructional Designer’s Go-To Guide for Developing E-learning Courses

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An Instructional Designer’s Go-To Guide for Developing E-learning Courses

Instructional design process involves analysis of learning needs, understanding the audience and developing materials that bridge the learning or skills gap. Today’s designers, who need to work to develop eLearning or online courses, need to incorporate multimedia and technological elements.

Can digitalizing learning materials used in classroom setting or recording videos of classroom instruction and digitalizing make good learning content for eLearning courses? Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Richard Culatta, Educational Innovator, who works at the Office of Educational technology under US Department of Education, gave a talk at an independently organized TEDx event. I think it would be quite appropriate to share the video here. Though he refers to K-12 education, it is equally relevant to the corporate context as well. Here is what he says in the first part.

Culatta says that there is a digital divide in the way technology is used. On one side, we have people who know how to effectively use technology for knowledge transfer. He calls this “Reimagining learning”. However, on the other side there are those who simply digitalize existing resources or practices, which he points out, may not result in effective learning. He urges that technology should be used to design curricula by incorporating new elements that were not possible through traditional methods. When done, that is likely to result in better learning. He goes on to give examples on how technology can truly make a difference in helping people learn. Check out the video.

It is therefore important for eLearning developers to understand technology and how best to utilize it for instruction. There are several elements involved – learning styles, audio visual elements, delivery options and more. CommLab has brought out an eBook titled, “eLearning 101 – A Comprehensive Guide on How to Design an eLearning Course”. The eBook is a useful guide to instructional designers, who are designing eLearning courses. You can download the book for free from the following link.

Do download the eBook, and let us know if it has helped you in your eLearning course development initiatives.

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