5 Step Guide to Develop Online Product Training

5 Step Guide to Develop Online Product Training

Product training has become essential for any organization that sells products.With the proliferation of products, companies are looking for diverse ways to train their employees quickly. E-learning is a cost-effective and an effective way to impart training on products. Let’s have a look at how you can create product training courses.

Following are the 5 tips that I would like to discuss:

1. Understand your target audience

Who is the target audience for your product training course? This is the the first question that you need to ask yourself before developing the course. Product training is required not just for the distributors, the sales and service staff but also to the end user who would be using the product. Hence, you need to consider your target audience and their ability to take the course and then, develop the course accordingly.

2. List the learning objectives for each category of the target audience

Learningobjectives are as essential as the development of the course itself, as they give an overall idea of the course and what the learners would learn after taking up the course. As discussed before, there are diverse audiences for online product training courses. So, you need to frame the learning objectives in such a way that the learning requirements of all the audiences are addressed.

3. Understand the performance goals at the end of the course

After you have stated the learning objectives, it’s time to know th performance goals that your audiences need to achieve at the end of the eLearning course. For example, the sales people would need to know about the product in order to convince the customers to buy the product. The service managers would require product training to acquire knowledge needed to resolve technical glitches. Hence, you need to consider all the above factors and develop the course that can help learners perform better.

4. Select the right strategy

When you develop an online product training course, you need to keep in mind that online learners do not have the “luxury” of face-to-face interaction. Hence, you need to think of an effective Instructional strategy that suits your course and your learners take the course with the same zeal and enthusiasm as they would take in classroom training. For example, you could use characters or a “real” person’s image to demonstrate the product. Use the product image when you explain features of the product, instead of text. Proper animations and rich visuals can be used to show how the product functions.

5. Choose the right authoring tool

When you proceed to develop the eLearning course, you need to consider an important factor i.e. the authoring tool you would use. We need to realize that the learners are accustomed to the touch screen interface and are no longer interested in just clicking and reading the content. So, we need to include interactivities such as hotspots, puzzles, quizzes and other elements that can help the learners gain comprehensive knowledge of the product. Therefore, you need to make sure that the tool you use supports such interactivities.

I hope the tips that I have discussed would be helpful in delivering an efficient and interactive eLearning course.

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