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What Does it Take to Create Effective E-learning Assessments: A Guide to Check Out

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What Does it Take to Create Effective E-learning Assessments: A Guide to Check Out

Assessments play a vital role in tracking the learner performance and measure if learning objectives are achieved. As this is a continuous process, assessments need to be created very effectively as they help retain the information longer. They evaluate the learners’ comprehension of a specific course. Assessments can be given to the learners to check their level of understand in both formative and summative manner. Formative assessment is given after each topic and summative is given at the end of the course.

Assessments should always be given in a straight, and understandable manner and not too easy or tricky as this may confuse the learners. Each assessment should determine if the learning objective has been accomplished. Using interactivities like drag and drop, games etc keep up the attention of the learner. Instructions should be simple and clear so that the learner understands the purpose of the activity and completes the given task.

But, what does it take to make your online assessments more effective? To know more check out this kit which is a compilation of a webinar about effective outcomes and an e-book about training outcomes with effective online assessments.

The kit answers the following questions and more:

  • How can you design assessments for your online courses
  • At which phase of learning do you give assessments
  • What are the different types of questions and assessments given
  • How can you frame multiple choice questions
  • How can you measure training outcomes with effective online assessments

Access the kit now!

View Kit on An Instructional Designer's Guide to Create Effective E-learning Assessments


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