Green E-learning – The Need of the Hour

Green E-learning - The Need of the Hour

Green eLearning - The Need of the Hour

Saving the environment and natural resources to ensure future generations enjoy good life on Earth is the dire need of the hour. The depleting Ozone layer, unseasonal floods, severe interminable summers, raising sea levels, escalating pollution levels and the emergence of new, drug resistant strains of viruses, all demonstrate the ravages of humankind on mother Nature.

The need of the hour is to protect the environment by increasing the green cover. Trees cool down the temperatures, bring welcome showers of rain and reduce toxic levels in the atmosphere.

As a training manager, you might be wondering how you can contribute towards protecting the environment as a part of your corporate workculture. How can you create a sustainable impact? The answer is very simple. It is something which can be incorporated in your daily work. Surprised? Yes, the simplicity of the solution is astounding. It is eLearning. According to a study by Britain’s Open University, e-learning courses consume 90% less energy on an average and produce 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than class room training.”


Use eLearning in your organization to deliver training programs. You will save a lot of paper and thereby, trees.

  • Through eLearning, your whole repertoire of courses and training programs can be made available to your target audience online, eliminating the need of paper.
  • Assessments can be conducted online and results delivered via the same mode.
  • Job aids can also be provided online.

All these measures reduce paper related hassles and safeguard the green cover.


Using eLearning in organizations offers a plethora of benefits to the organization and the society at large.

To the Organization:

  • Reduced paperwork and related hassles
  • Increased scalability (single course can be accessed by a multitude of globally dispersed learners)
  • Increased convenience (employees can take up the courses at their convenient time and location, on the device of their choice)

To the Society:

  • Reduced deforestation
  • Increased green cover
  • Increased environmental safety

Thus, eLearning provides a very effective, efficient solution to combat the menace. The added advantage of elearning is that it can be done on a daily basis, as a part of your routine work, thereby making it a part of your organizational culture. Embrace eLearning and contribute towards maintaining and preserving the ecological balance on a daily basis.

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