3 Reasons Why E-learning Is Ideal to Train Gen-Y Sales Staff

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3 Reasons Why E-learning Is Ideal to Train Gen-Y Sales Staff

How can you impart highly effective training on your products to your Gen-Y sales staff? What are the strategies you need to follow to train your young sales teams? Well, you can use eLearning to impart first-rate training to your sales people because of 3 main reasons. Let us see more.

Reason 1: Byte-sized training can be provided very efficiently

The attention spans of most Gen-Y learners are limited, and needless to say this applies to your sales personnel as well. E-learning can be used to deliver courses in the form of information nuggets, on various topics. You can provide effective training through byte-sized courses on various aspects such as product features, benefits, installation and use, accessories, price, availability and details of distributors, after sales service and most importantly, information about the competitors’ products.

Reason 2: Anytime, anywhere access to courses

Product trainings cannot be conducted often. At the most, they happen once or twice a year. This makes it hard for salesmen to retain information effectively. Frequent releases of products only serve to add to their problems. Sales staffers find it very hard to remember information about different products effectively. It would be very helpful if the salesperson has access to knowledge of products whenever and wherever he needs it.

For example, a sales executive of a mortgage company, can access information about a product on his smart-phone, while travelling to meet a prospective customer. This helps him answer the queries of the latter confidently. Likewise, it is easy to provide updates about new products in real time, through mobile eLearning, which goes a long way in helping sales people sell products effectively. The online medium is the ideal solution to provide Just-in-Time (JIT) support to sales staffers, whose jobs demand extensive travel.

Reason 3: Content can be delivered in multiple formats and on multiple devices

Millennials are habituated to accessing content in multiple formats. They love to see videos on the YouTube, view animations and graphics, listen to podcasts and are at ease with downloading information in the PDF format. E-learning provides the flexibility to get the needed information in their preferred format.

You can also use the online training medium to impart training to Gen-Y sales teams on multiple devices. This allows the sales executive to access the course on the device of his choice. The young sales personnel find this very useful as they are gadget-friendly and are adept at using multiple devices-smart-phones, iPads, iPhones, tablet PCs along with desktop and laptop computers.

Thus, we see that eLearning is the ideal medium to train Gen-Y sales personnel. What do you think?

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