How Effective is it to Use Gaming Interactivities in E-learning?

How Effective is it to Use Gaming Interactivities in E-learning?

Are there not many takers to your courses uploaded on the learning management system? Are they not enthusiastic when they are assigned an eLearning course to be completed?

Do you think your learners are getting bored when taking an eLearning course? Do they take many breaks while going through the eLearning?

These trends are not uncommon. Very often if courses are not engaging, when the content ends up increasing the cognitive load of learners, they tend to postpone going through the process of learning. What are the ways such situations can be avoided? How can you ensure learners participate actively during the course and are involved enthusiastically in the learning process?

One way to ensure this is to include games in the eLearning courses. After all, when anyone sits to play games, they are engrossed in it for hours. It is a fact that when playing online games, players are deeply involved in the activity. So, why not include similar games in eLearning courses as well – albeit to the extent the content permits?

Games can enable courses to be more interactive and might be successful in ensuring deeper learner involvement in the process.

Games in eLearning

Here I would like to share some benefits of adding gaming interactivities in eLearning.

Motivation: Motivation is the most important criterion if one has to learn something. Motivation makes learners excited in learning and as a result better involved in the learning process. Games motivate learners to stay focused on the content in eLearning courses without getting distracted.

Attention: It is important that learners are attentive when learning. With attention, learners are able to concentrate better and this will help learners set clear goals in the learning process. Games enable learners to be attentive and participate actively in the learning process.

Recall the information: It is very important for learners to remember the concepts taught in the course and practice them. Periodic recalling of information – say after every module or important lesson is therefore essential. In eLearning courses, games play a very important role to help learners recall and assess to what extent they have understood the subject matter.

Reinforcement learning: Reinforcement of what has been learnt is equally important to ensure the learning stay in the long run. Games are very helpful to reinforce learning. Appreciation and rewards when the learners successfully complete an assessment and urging them to review the content when they fail to respond to the answers correctly can be done in a playful manner through gaming interactivities.

Easy to learn: Games make complex and difficult content easy to learn. They give clear goal to learners. They also help learners stay focused on what is important in a course. Games are very helpful in understanding the problem resolving, trouble shooting, process training and so on.

Based on the content, one can make strategies and design appropriate games. Have you deployed courses that have gaming interactivities? What was the response of learners? Do share them here.

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