5 Benefits of Gamified E-learning Courses

5 Benefits of Gamified E-learning Courses

Gamification is the use of the game theory and game-based mechanics in a non-gaming contexts such as education, work, and so on to facilitate better engagement. The main idea of using gamification in eLearning is to create a fun-filled learning environment that helps learners acquire knowledge and skills better.

Let’s now look at the benefits of using gamified online courses.

1. Motivate learners effectively 

Motivation is the key to effective learning, and games go a long way in motivating learners and help stay focused throughout the course. Well-designed games enthrall the learners and deliver wonderful learning experiences. You can display the details of the top-scorers in learning games on your LMS. This goes a long way in motivating other staff members to perform well.

2. Provides instant feedback 

According to a report by Gartner, learner engagement is driven by accelerated feedback. Games provide immediate and effective feedback in the form of scores, thereby leading to better engagement and motivation. You need to tell the learner whether his answer is right or wrong and specify the reasons why it is so.

3. Reinforce learning 

Games are ideal tools to reinforce learning. When the learner attempts a quiz and gives an answer, he can be given a chance to go through the content and reinforce what he has learnt. This can be done in a playful and effective manner through game-based interactivities.

4. Ensure better comprehension 

Many learners face difficulty in understanding and remembering complex content. Games can be used to overcome this problem as they help learners learn and recall difficult content. They help people to stay focused on important parts of the content by specifying learning objectives clearly. Games are very useful to deliver process training and impart trouble-shooting skills.

5. Help increase the time spent on learning

Learners are likely to spend more time on an eLearning course if it is more engaging, entertaining and exciting. Games increase the chances of the learners returning to the course on a regular basis because they are enjoyable and fun-filled.

Let’s now look at the screenshots of a few game-based assessments that were developed using Articulate Storyline.

Help increase the time spent on learning

The idea of using games in eLearning is to reinforce the learning in an engaging manner. Games can be used to impart training any kind of topic. But, you need to formulate effective strategies to design instructionally sound gamified courses based on the content and knowledge level of learners.

These are some of my thoughts on gamification. Would like to know your views on the same.

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