Why is Game Based Training so Important for Gen Y?

Why is Game Based Training so Important for Gen Y?

Why is Game Based Training so Important for Gen Y?

Remember the Hopscotch game?

When I was a kid my mom taught me Numbers recognition through this game. Throw a stone on one square, hop on to the same square. It was really fun playing this game and to learn numbers. Learning through games is not relevant just for kids, but is equally valid for Gen Y, who have different learning requirements and expectations. Do you agree?

Generation Y are tech savvy, have good knowledge and are crazy about current technologies, and use of electronic gadgets has become a must in their day to day lives. They generally opt for training that is visually rich and engaging, with interactivities and games. They prefer courses that give the exact information they need. Therefore, in order to train Gen Y effectively, games can be one of the most effective tools. Read on to learn why.

At present, a lot of learning takes place through computer games or e-learning courses.

The game based training helps learner to:

  • Become curious and get involved in learning – Most of the Gen Y love playing because learning is fun through games and in a way helps in intellectual development. Game based learning stimulates curiosity and also encourages the learner to learn from mistakes.
  • Learn the concepts fast – Including games in training makes learning very interesting. Apart from the fun element in learning, it motivates learners to acquire knowledge in an engaging manner. Concepts are taught through a storyline, which invariably helps participants to learn faster.
  • Retain the knowledge learned – Training is supposed to engage learners and involve them in the learning process with the aim of obtaining knowledge. But retaining that knowledge is very difficult. Game based training, allows learners to explore, try and know the feedback of their performance immediately through which they learn better and retain the knowledge acquired for longer time.
  • Test the skills acquired – Gen Y enjoys spending time learning new skills and applying them in different scenarios. Through Game-based learning, learners get instant feedback, which helps them develop confidence about the newly acquired skills which are then applied on the job.
  • Think logically – Game based training encourages logical thinking, stimulating intellectual growth and problem solving abilities. These skills are best acquired through regular practice which is best possible through interactive and problem solving games.
  • Simulate on the job situations – Games that simulate actual job situations help develop skills that can be immediately translated into to the job. Game-based training developed in virtual environment with a familiar look and feel helps learners to relate learning experience with real-life work.

Gen Y are said to look for effective and interactive experiences that motivate and engage them in the learning process. Therefore, game based training is very effective when compared to traditional training. They are extremely engaging and interesting, provide hands on activity, grab the attention of learners, make them learn skills which are required to perform in a day-to-day context, and motivate learners by giving positive feedback.

Game based learning enthuses and motivates Gen Y when compared to traditional training methods. Including game based activities in training programs and e-learning courses are likely to be more effective with Gen Y. These are my insights; please do share your thoughts.

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