Where’s The Fun in E-learning?

Where’s The Fun in E-learning?

Where’s The Fun in E-learning?

We often come across clients, who come up with various requirements. Most of these clients want their online training programs to be fun-filled and interesting. But, what do you mean by fun in eLearning?

  • Using a puzzle
  • Using a treasure hunt
  • Using a game
  • Using a talking record for records management…..etc.

Talking Ants

Do you think all these can make learning fun? Yes, of course. But, they do not contribute to learning. Exploring meaningless things in an office room to learn about Records Management does not make sense. So, let’s see what makes learning fun.

What actually motivates a learner?

What’s the point of decorating your course when the learner can’t gain knowledge out of it? So, always get into your learner’s shoes and develop the training accordingly. Using games, treasure hunts, puzzles, etc. is just like painting a wall. So, let’s stop and think the other way round. Before you start, ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • How will I learn?
  • Do I gain knowledge if learning is through exploring yourself?
  • Do I learn through games?
  • How do I enjoy learning?
  • How do I get motivated? And, so on…..

Keep questioning yourself and you get new ideas and concepts to present information in an effective way.


My opinion on the above questions is, do not implement much of gamification, puzzles and more in your course. For instance, you have a series of questions about data privacy and you present the questions in the form of a football game to add fun. The learner is asked a question. If he answers the question correctly, the avatar hits the goal. What’s the point using football for data privacy? Does it make any sense? This is how we make learning mismatch with irrelevant learning styles.

Instead, add a realistic scenario with well-framed questions. Let the learner think and learn himself. Reward him in a meaningful way. Make use of live scenarios that closely relate to what they come across in their daily schedule. Such things motivate the learner and the questions make him think what he needs to do if he was in that situation. Such ‘real’ scenarios will teach much of the content in a fun-filled manner and make learning meaningful.

Hope these points help you make learning fun, motivating, and meaningful. If you have anything to add, please do share with us.

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