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It’s 4th Quarter – Exhaust Your Sales Training Budget with Rapid E-learning

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It’s 4th Quarter – Exhaust Your Sales Training Budget with Rapid E-learning

  • How was your training this year?
  • Did you use a blend of eLearning, ILT and On-the-Job Training?
  • Did it produce the desired business results?
  • Do you have some more money left?
  • Do you want to try some new online training programs that yield results instantly?

As you know, 4th quarter is a nightmare for sales people who are trying to do whatever it takes to achieve their targets. Helping your sales teams with quick product knowledge or some tips on handling customer objections goes a long way in meeting their targets.

It’s 4th Quarter – Exhaust Your Sales Training Budget with Rapid E-learning

Using rapid eLearning, it is possible to develop online courses in 1-2 weeks. Here are a few tips to create a cost effective, rapid training solution that runs on iPads, PCs and notebook computers.

  • Make courses that are not longer than 10 minutes and can be accessed on desktops, iPads and notebook computers. You need to remember that the retention span of sales people would not be more than 10 minutes, especially if he has a huge target at hand.
  • Make a series of 5 -10 questions and develop 3-4 options for each. When the learner clicks the wrong answer, tell him to try again till he gets it right. Learners feel good, if they are given an option to try to win.
  • Make the salesperson connect to the course, by using a ‘real’ background. For example, if the training is for the sales people of a retail organization, use the picture of a mall as the background. Likewise, use the image of a hospital or clinic in courses intended for medical representatives.
  • Develop the course using Articulate Storyline 2, Lectora Inspire or Adobe Captivate 8. All these tools are equipped to develop eLearning courses that can be accessed through multiple browsers, on a wide variety of devices.

Hope you will try some unspent training budgets on your sales staff to help them meet their sales targets in the fourth quarter.

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