4 Signs to Consider E-learning as a Platform to Train Your Employees

4 Signs to Consider E-learning as a Platform to Train Your Employees

4 Signs to Consider E-learning as a Platform to Train Your Employees

Training needs are ever-changing in today’s corporate scenario. What is new today will be old tomorrow. With increasing number of organizations laying emphasis on training, it is important to consider the most effective and best options out there.

Most organizations do not know how to impart effective training, and hence are losing out to the competitors. If you see any of these 4 signs in your organization, then it is time to knock on the eLearning door.

Here are the 4 signs you should invest in eLearning when

Your Budget is Cut: You have spent weeks in coming up with a new budget for your training curriculum, only to be told that your budget has been allocated to another department. What do you do? You have a herculean task of training a huge workforce, and that too on a limited budget. If this is happening to you right now, then you seriously need to consider eLearning.

Now we all have heard the sales pitch that it is cost effective, saves time, so on and so forth. But, it is a fact and will always be that eLearning actually reduces your training costs. So, when you’re stuck with a low budget, you know what to look for.

With initial investment, you can set up a Learning Management System (LMS), and with minimal upkeep cost, you can train your workforce with high quality online courses, which keep you within your budget and meet your training needs.

Your Budget is Cut

Your Classroom Training is Failing: You notice that the attendance of the classroom training sessions keeps getting lower and lower. If you’re trying to find out how many people actually take the class, then you’re looking for a needle in a haystack!

There can be many reasons for falling attendance, anything ranging for the instructor to the timing of the sessions. The point is adults don’t like to be taught like school children, sitting in one place and listening to someone. While it may have been effective in school, the corporate world is a very different ball game.

Conduct a survey and find out why the classroom training is failing. If you gather reasons such as the class is too long or the teaching is dull, that’s when you need to rethink your training strategies.

Considering the fact that you can provide a self-paced learning environment through eLearning, administering your training through an LMS can not only be beneficial to your employees, but also to you as a training manager because in eLearning you can keep a track of the learners’ attendance, grade reports, log statuses and course feedback.

The best part of eLearning is all this information can be accessed on a single platform!

Your Classroom Training is Failing

You lack the manpower to train your work force: Your organization has a huge work force that keeps on multiplying every year. So, your training needs would require you to train both the new and the existing employees. This can be a challenge, if you’re hiring trainers to conduct training for all your employees. It will be a tedious and stressful task for you. It will end up burning a hole in your pocket.

You can be smart and opt for eLearning to cross the human barrier and deliver training from one place, at one time to masses of employees. All you need to do is make a one-time investment, and you are set for worldwide training at the price of two or three classroom sessions.

You lack the manpower to train your work force

You have huge training requirements and tight deadlines: At some point of time, as a training manager, you will or had come across a huge training requirement to be accomplished within a very short span of time. Instead of bringing out the stress in you, eLearning can bring out the best in you and be your saving grace with multiple rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline Lectora and Adobe Captivate, which consume very less time and bring out the highest output.

Rapid eLearning, as the word suggests, helps in quick development of eLearning courses, so that you meet your deadline and your employees get the training they need. E-learning is a complete win-win situation, when it comes to you and your training plan.

You have huge training requirements and tight deadlines

If you think your organization shows these 4 signs, then it’s time to consider eLearning as a platform to train your employees.

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