Top 5 Trainings that Can Go Online: Part 1

Top 5 Trainings that Can Go Online: Part 1

Top 5 Trainings that Can Go Online: Part 1

In the current scenario, majority of the fortune 500 companies have adopted eLearning to meet their training requirements. Working with these Organizations, CommLab India found that the following are the top five training categories being delivered online.

1. Compliance Training

Compliance training is the process of explaining the laws, regulations, and company policies to employees, which they need to comply with, while they are on their job. It encompasses a wide range of topics such as

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Training
  • GMP training
  • Information Security
  • Trade Secrets
  • Workplace Harassment

Compliance training usually attracts huge budget allocation, as it is critical, mandatory and periodical. Moreover, companies are required to produce the proof or records, regarding the completion of training to the regulatory authorities. For this, they have to maintain adequate records regarding training sessions including attendance, logs, assessments and materials distributed which requires a complex set of activities and often proves to be a costly affair.

eLearning is a convenient and cost effective tool for organizations, as the training is rolled out on LMS. LMS can track employee completion rates, and generate certificates and reports, which are accepted by most of the regulatory authorities. Once the course is designed, it can be used repeatedly. This reduces the annual refresher training cost by huge margins.

Moreover, such training need not be boring or simple page turners. They can be made interactive and engaging, using certain instructional design strategies.

Compliance Training

2. New Hire Induction Training

New employee orientation is about providing a comprehensive snapshot of the organization. It is about conveying the Culture, Values and Principles of the organization, in a manner that helps new employees understand and then apply them.

Timely induction is very important for Organizations to retain bright new hires. However, in many organizations training starts only after reaching critical number. Even after a delay, when the induction training takes place, some of the key managers, who are required to deliver the key messages to the new hires, may not be available. Moreover, delivering the unified culture to the global audience, is not possible through classroom training.

E-learning has solved many of such issues the organizations are facing. Training became accessible anytime and anywhere. Induction starts the day the new hire joins the Organization. Key managers can record their messages, which can be embedded as the videos in the eLearning course. The effectiveness of training is multiplied, when the content is translated into region-specific languages and localized harmoniously, to fit into the culture of the target audience.

Induction training eLearning course sample screen shot:

New Hire Induction Training

In my next blog we will take a look at the remaining three trainings, that is, Safety Training, Sales Training and Software Training.

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