Five Social Media Marketing Tips for the e-learning Industry

Five Social Media Marketing Tips for the e-learning Industry

Nowadays, Social Media Marketing is much talked about as an effective medium to building new business relationships. Common sites in this field are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and writing blogs.

How do you generate an interest and publicity through social media and attract prospective clients? The answer is simple – it’s the Law of Harvest. You always reap what you sow. If you give anything in value, you will get back equal value. But the basic underlying principle is that you need to give value first.

Effective marketers realize that in order to attract potential clients, they need to understand their need and give them something of value. They build their strategies around this principle. E-learning will boom with social media when people give value to their customers.

Here are five tips to communicate with your e-learning audience.

  1. Use blogs to educate your audience on the latest e-learning trends and the importance of e-learning in imparting cost effective training. Create webinars, whitepapers on Instructional Design strategies and theories and discuss popular authoring tools to develop effective e-learning solutions.
  2. Use LinkedIn to become members in industry specific forums so that you contribute to the discussions.
  3. Use YouTube to impart learning by creating small e-learning modules and to demonstrate your products’ features.
  4. Offer free courses so that users experience your product quality and worth.
  5. Use Twitter and Facebook to inform your users about the knowledgebase you created, such as blogs, YouTube and free courses.

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Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer,
Chief Operating Officer