Fire Safety Training – Why is it Important?

Fire Safety Training – Why is it Important?

Fire Safety Training - Why is it Important?

Do you know on an average 3000 people get killed due to Fire accidents in the US? Do you know companies lose million dollars every year, due to Fire Accidents? These numbers are too high, how can we get them down? Let us see if Training on Fire Safety will serve the purpose.

The reaction of the employees, if there is fire in the office premises, is not only important for their safety, but also to the other people on the premises. If there are fire accidents at workplace, it leads to loss of man, material and hence money. Studies by National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) and the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) revealed that the general public, does not retain knowledge on Fire Safety.

According to the reports by CFA & MFB, especially younger and older people lack sufficient knowledge on Fire Safety. As a result, they have high fatality rate when compared to other age groups.

Fire Industry Association (FIA) of UK stated that fire costs UK business millions of pounds due to property damage, fines, compensation and industry premiums. Hence, there is a tremendous need to create awareness, among employees regarding the Fire Safety.

As a minimum the employees should have knowledge about:

  • The action to take on discovering a fire
  • How to raise the alarm and what happens then
  • Using fire extinguishers
  • The procedures for alerting members of the public
  • How to open all escape doors
  • General matters such as permitted smoking areas
  • Fire Risk Assessment

Today, Organizations are creating an awareness regarding Fire safety programs, to all its employees through different modes. In my upcoming blog, I will share the different training modes related to “Fire Safety”. Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.

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