3 Features of the Right Learning Game

3 Features of the Right Learning Game

3 Features of the Right Learning Game

‘Gamification’ is now the buzzword in the eLearning industry. Games help learners acquire the needed skills and knowledge in a stress-free and enjoyable manner by creating a fun-illed learning environment.

What are the aspects that need to be considered in the choice of the “right game” that adds instructional value to an online course?

The developers of online courses could create highly effective eLearning programs by focusing on 3 important points. They are:

Learning objectives

This is arguably the most important aspect to be considered while incorporating games into online courses. Games that do not help achieve the learning objectives are meaningless.

Games that do not contribute to the realization of learning goals reduce the effectiveness of the eLearning program because they distract the learner, thereby diminishing his cognitive performance.

Ease of playing the game

It is essential to ensure that the serious game allows the learner to focus on acquiring the needed knowledge and skills efficiently. A well-designed game is easy and prevents the learner from “getting lost” as he plays it.

Games that are hard often result in poor learning experiences because they tend to frustrate learners and frustrated learners can seldom concentrate effectively.

Level of interaction

Interaction of the learner play a key role in determining the success of an online course. Therefore, it is important to select a game that facilitates the “desired level” of interactivity.

A good interactive game stimulates the thinking capability of the learner and makes the course interesting. It engages the learner efficiently and goes a long way in enhancing the effectiveness of the e-course.

It is possible to design highly interactive online courses using tools such as Lectora Inspire and Articulate Storyline quickly at reduced costs thanks to developments in technology.

Open-source LMSs such as Moodle that are compatible with Tin Can API provide cost-effective solutions that help efficiently track the progress made in a gamified learning environment.

Games, when used efficiently enliven training sessions and make e-courses highly effectual. How do you choose the right game to make eLearning programs effective? We would be glad to learn from your experiences.

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