Factors to be Considered While Outsourcing Your eLearning

Factors to be Considered While Outsourcing Your eLearning

Today, eLearning is adopted by several organizations to train their staff members. A few companies develop their online training programs in-house and host them on their LMS, while many other firms prefer to outsource these activities. Now, the big question – should you outsource? Well, let us examine some important aspects that have to be considered, when you need to take a decision on outsourcing your eLearning project.

1. If your organization lacks Learning Design capabilities, but has a team of Subject matter Experts, outsourcing is the best option. To develop an eLearning course, a team of instructional designers, learning design experts, visual designers and courseware developers is needed. In such a case, it is advisable to let the experts handle the designing part, while you can take care of the content.

Learning Design team

Point to note: Ensure your vendor-partner has an in-house team of experts in instructional design.

2. When you have the script of your eLearning course ready and you need to just develop the course using an authoring tool, you can outsource the development activity to save time and effort.

eLearning script

Point to note: Select a vendor that has an experienced team of courseware developers, who can meet your timelines.

3. When there is a need for continuous training in your organization, it is advisable to hire the services of a vendor. This is because developing online courses a regular basis could be very tedious. The vendor can be assigned the task of updating your courses, and you can save precious time.

continuous training

Point to note:  Make sure the vendor has standard processes in place that help develop eLearning courses of high quality, in quick time.

Outsourcing your eLearning project to a vendor, who caters to your needs, can help you impart excellent training to your employees. It improves the productivity of your organization resulting in the achievement of your business goals.

If you have any other ideas on outsourcing your eLearning project, please do share.

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