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What Factors in an E-learning Course Engage Your Learners

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What Factors in an E-learning Course Engage  Your Learners

An eLearning course can be successful and delight your learners only when it is designed from their perspective.

Let’s see 4 crucial factors that will help you make highly engaging online courses that captivate your learners.

1. Conversational Script 

Well-designed scripts make your courses very effective. Audio is widely used to reinforce the learning.

A good narration sounds as if a person is talking to another. So, make the script conversational. Before you start, it is better to set the right tone for the course and stick to it. Write short and apt sentences to grasp the learner’s attention. Add sound effects to appreciate and encourage learners.

Conversational Script

2. Videos to Motivate 

You can add value to your digital course by adding videos. Videos are informative and provide a high level of interactions. They transcend our thoughts and imagination into real life as they are effective tools.

Rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate are used to develop effective videos.


3. Games to Reinforce 

Games are ideal to impart training on any topic as they keep the learner engaged. And, they reinforce the learning very effectively.

Using rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate, we can develop highly effective and interactive games. Here are some games developed with Articulate Storyline. 

Games to Reinforce

4. Interactivities to Encourage 

Interactivities are intended to facilitate learning for kinesthetic learners (people who learn by doing rather than listening and watching).

Let’s have a look at different kinds of interactivities in eLearning such as Click-to-learn, Slideshows, Rollovers, Flash-cards, Drag and Drop, Drop down, Hotspots and so on. 

Using rapid authoring tools, we can develop effective and interesting interactivities. Here are some interactivities developed in our courses.

Interactivities to Encourage

By focusing on these 4 factors, you can make eLearning courses highly engaging. What do you think?

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