3 Factors an External E-learning Partner Can Focus on for Australian Businesses

3 Factors an External E-learning Partner Can Focus on for Australian Businesses

3 Factors an External E-learning Partner Can Focus on for Australian Businesses

The e-learning market in Australia is estimated to be worth A$ 5.9 billion and according to a report by IBISWorld, the annual growth rate has been 14.4 per cent during the years 2009 and 2014. Outsourcing e-learning development to an external partner in India can be a great way for Australian businesses to reduce costs and get high quality e-learning solutions in a short time frame. The time difference between Australia and India is only 4 hours and Indian workers are fluent in English, which removes some of the challenges associated with off-shoring. If you are still unsure about outsourcing e-learning requirements, then consider these 3 factors an external partner can focus on to save time and money.

1. An external partner allows you to tap into their expert talent pool whenever you need so that you can avoid hiring them yourself.

When you are required to scale up your development to meet the changing demands of your business, then having a trusted external partner you can turn to can be a major advantage. Since your reasons for upscaling are dependent on your specific needs at a particular time, you want to be sure that your external partner has the expertise and capability to take on projects at any stage of the development process. A quality partner will employ expert staff with all the various skills required and will allocate their talent to your project. A typical team profile for a mid-sized e-learning company would be a qualified team, with about 120 members, comprising a Director Learning Design, Instructional Designers, Visual Designers and Authoring tool Experts. This will save you time because you will not have to hire these staff members yourself and then terminate their contract when the business demand drops off.

2. An external partner offers you up-to-date and relevant advice for choosing the right tools and strategies for your e-learning projects.

External partners come with a wealth of industry expertise and insights gained through years of experience in servicing their clientele. India, in particular, has been an e-learning outsourcing destination of choice for over a decade. With rapidly changing technologies and learner expectations, an experienced external partner can keep you updated on technologies and practices that best suit your project now and your goals into the future, thus saving you the time of researching them on your own or hiring your own in-house staff to meet these skill gaps as concepts change.

3. An external partner can offer you a dedicated team whose sole objective is to develop your course within the agreed time frame.

Sometimes time pressures, increased workload, or other conflicting work commitments taking up your time mean that projects run solely in-house can exceed time limits. When this happens, having a quality external partner means you have immediate access to a dedicated team tailored to your project needs and with the sole objective of completing your project within your time frame. To ensure that you reap this benefit from your external partner, ensure that you understand their project management processes and if they do not have one, then consider finding a partner that does. Knowing that your external partner can share the burden with your in-house team during those extremely busy periods can be a huge relief and would only cost a fraction of hiring extra team members.

These are just a few reasons to be connected with a quality e-learning partner and to keep their number on speed dial. When you find the right partner to work with, in addition to the cost benefit you can achieve, the accessibility to highly skilled people when you need them is the next best advantage.

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