Thank You CommLab India for Exceptional Deployment of E-Learning Courses

Thank You CommLab India for Exceptional Deployment of E-Learning Courses

Success of an eLearning initiative in an organization has two main phases. E-learning development is the first phase, and smooth and efficient deployment of the courses is the second. Both phases i.e. development and deployment, are equally important for the success of any eLearning program.

We encounter many issues during deployment of eLearning courses such as users not being able to login to the portal, having queries which need immediate response, facing some technical problems during the course. Any such issue can mar the learning experience of users. A quick response to their queries is essential to instill confidence in online learning and ensure that learners continue to use the medium. Thus, response time is critical to any learning management system.

We thank everyone at CommLab for being exceptionally responsive to queries, user issues, and technical needs. This has ensured that learners are actively engaged in the learning process and not frustrated by technical problems.

A short while ago, we worked with Nephrology Clinical Solutions to help 600 users complete a course within a very short time frame and get certified. The client appreciated CommLab team’s collaborative working environment which is very heartening.

Here is what Sally Burrows-Hudson, Principal, Nephrology Clinical Solutions, Inc., had to say about our services:

The online learning process, from a technical perspective, should be painless. We want the learner to be engaged in the learning process, not frustrated by technical problems. CommLab India ensures easy access and ready to use learning content.

CommLab India is on top of their game and endeavor to remain so! Our expectations for our very first online course were met with great satisfaction. We hope to add more courses. When we do, we will tap CommLab India to be our eLearning provider of choice”.