Five Excellent Examples of E-learning Courses for Various Trainings

Five Excellent Examples of E-learning Courses for Various Trainings

In most business organizations, eLearning is the preferred medium of training because of its flexibility and various other useful features. It can be leveraged to convey a wide variety of subjects ranging from product training, sales training, performance management training, to mathematics, physics and so on, name it and it can be done through eLearning. The main objective of a training program is to transfer new knowledge to learners. As we know, learners want to learn when they know why they are learning and how the online course will help them solve a problem. They intend to use the knowledge and skills, gained from the eLearning course to enhance their careers.

Let us see a few excellent sample eLearning courses that we have designed for various training programs.

1. Information Security Practices Training

In this elearning course, storytelling approach is used to set the learning outcomes. In this scenario, information about 3 cases where a company had to pay a huge penalty for breach of data security is presented. This will motivate the learners to understand the importance of data security, and they will be willing to learn about their roles and responsibilities in order to avoid security breaches.

Information Security Practices Training

2. Performance Management Training 

To set the learning outcomes of this online learning course, storytelling and a game (maze puzzle) were used. In this scenario, John, a junior level manager, is promoted to manager, and he is trying to complete his first task of conducting a performance management review of his team. Before John enters the meeting to begin his review, the learner helps him answer a few questions on performance management and help him prepare for his reviews. Such learning can be easily remembered and applied in their workplace.

Performance Management Training

3. Sales Process Training

For imparting online training on a sales process, a conversation-based branching scenario is used. This type of scenario leads the learners to different pathways depending on the answer he chooses. Branching scenarios can be used to test the learner on various real life parameters. In this sales elearning course, a sales man tries to close a sale and at regular intervals, the learner is asked questions. Depending on the answer the learner chooses the sale closes or it doesn’t. This conversation between the two characters helps the learner to understand the skills that are necessary to sell and provide the knowledge needed to sell their product or service successfully.

Sales Process Training

4. Food Safety Practices Training

For this elearning course, search and find type of scenario based approach is used. In this scenario, an environment is created that allows the learners to examine a situation and then offer a solution on the basis of his findings. This will make the learners understand food safety hazards in a kitchen.

Food Safety Practices Training

5. Supply Chain Management Training

In this course, a character-based approach is used to set the learning outcomes. For this online training course, we chose a cartoon ant as an avatar, which guides the learner throughout the course. This is a video and makes the learner understand the basics of supply chain.

Supply Chain Management Training

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