5 Tips to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Assessments in E-learning

5 Tips to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Assessments in E-learning

Your eLearning developer creates assessments based on the initial inputs provided by you. Are they aligned to your learning objectives? Are you able to accurately assess the knowledge gained by learners? How do you assess their effectiveness in meeting the course objectives? Here are some criteria that will help you better guide your eLearning developer to formulate assessments that accurately measure learning.

Interactivity: Assessments should enable learners to think and exercise their brain cells and help them get involved in the learning process. A very simple quiz or an extremely difficult assessment will not serve the purpose. You need to make sure that they are designed appropriately to suit the intellectual capabilities of your learners.

Items flow: There are many types of assessments such as puzzles, match the following, cloze procedures or multiple choice. The type of assessment used should flow well with the content of the course module.

Guidelines: It is important that learners follow the given instructions. Ensure that instructions given to learners are clear and simple, and if necessary, reinforced with audio.

Feedback: Learners are given feedback after every question and at the end of the course. Check the type of feedback given at each stage, and after the summary of the results is displayed. Ensure that the feedback is encouraging and reassuring to learners.

Learning value: Assessments during the course help learners evaluate their own understanding of the subject matter. Therefore, ensure that a clear cut learning value emerges through formative assessments.

These are some of the criteria for evaluating assessments in eLearning courses. It will help you ensure that the assessments successfully measure the extent to which your learners meet their learning objective.