Safety Training:Ergonomics Training through eLearning – Part 1

Safety Training:Ergonomics Training through eLearning – Part 1

Safety Training:Ergonomics Training through eLearning

Karen is a software engineer, working  for a multinational firm. She sits all the day staring at the computer screen  and typing for long hours. After a long day’s work, she returned home, as usual . At night she had a sound sleep, woke up next day morning, got ready and started from her home to office. She wondered as the day was very dark, there wasn’t a glimpse of the sun, no vehicles or people on the road. Suddenly an invisible force caught hold of her hands, twisted her wrist and bent her neck. She was experiencing terrible pain. All of a sudden she woke from the bed. Ah! Then realized though everything else was a dream, her pain was very real. She was in dreadful pain could not attend office that day.

Such injuries caused due to repetitive motion at the work place are said to be musculoskeletal disorders. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 33% of workplace disorders and injuries reported, are caused due to musculoskeletal disorders.These type of injuries at work place are costing the organizations $2.02 billion per year (compensation to employees sufferingfromsuch type of injuries).[Workplace safety index]

What can you do?

To put a stop to these rising costs, an effective safety training program might be a need for every savvy company. Implementing an effective training program doesn’t mean that it requires huge budget. It can be delivered economically, without compromising on the quality by taking the help of technology i.e. eLearning.

ELearning for Office Ergonomics

ELearning could be an effective training delivery platform, for training your staff on ergonomics. It brings the safety training to their desk. Employees can have a chance to access the courses whenever and wherever they wish to. Interactively designed course makes the content mimic the real life scenarios, so that the training has a maximum impact on the learners (see few sample screen shots below).

Safety Training Ergonomics

Ergonomics Training

Such a sort of impact results in fewer injuries, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity among your employees. []

But there are some barriers to implement such training. In my next blog let us see what those are.

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