When should we use an EPSS, and when should we consider a non-electronic job aid?

When should we use an EPSS, and when should we consider a non-electronic job aid?

We will, of course, begin with an analysis if a job aid is appropriate or is proper training intervention needed. Once that is decided, then the requirement can be addressed by a non-training intervention. Let’s move ahead with evaluating the appropriateness of these two alternatives.

An (EPSS) Electronic Performance Support System is Appropriate when:

  • Infrequent performance; situation is complex with multiple steps
  • Consequence of errors is high; Performance depends on large amount of information
  • Dependent on frequently changing knowledge, procedures, approaches
  • High turnover, task can be codified; less time and resources for training

It is Inappropriate when:

  • Would damage credibility; Unpredictability or novelty exist;
  • Smooth/fluid performance is top priority; Users lack reading/listening skills;
  • Employees aren’t motivated; Users are unable to access

We need to also determine the level of integration of the aid with the task in hand. Tasks like maybe washing of hands needs a non-electronic job aid.

Additional determinants are cost, resources (technical capability & skilled developers), and performance environment and ability of users.

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RK Prasad


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