Environmental Sustainability and Its Need In An Organization

Environmental Sustainability and Its Need In An Organization

Environmental Sustainability and Its Need In An Organization

Environment and sustainability are two branches of the same tree, where one refers to the biological and physical factors and the other, to sustain resources for future use. According to the Financial Times – Lexicon Environmental Sustainability is- “A state in which the demands placed on the environment can be met, without reducing its capacity to allow all people to live well, now and in the future.”

Environmental sustainability in an organization, is more like a public relation initiative, which considers three main areas a) stakeholders b) business and c) environment. When these three factors are taken into consideration, environmental sustainability invariably leads to a positive impact, which in turn leads to a good brand image. And it is a well-known fact that when a brand promotes idioms such as “Go Green” or “Save the Earth”, it leads to an increase in business (profit).

Awareness in the current day scenario

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed significant revisions to its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims also known as its “Green Guides”, which exists to help marketers avoid making deceptive claims.” The reason for such a statement is because there is no proper awareness, when it comes to environmental sustainability. Certain organization use the term for their selfish means, rather than improve environmental performance. Many organizations have benefited with the right use of this from of sustainability, leading as mentioned earlier, to building brand image and a good reputation, in the consumers mind. For the ones who are yet to start this process, I suggest jumping on to the band wagon, while you can.

Effect on staff training (internal training) and overall effect on the organization

Just as the general public needs to be educated about environmental sustainability, in the same way your internal publics also need to know what it is even before you, as an organization, begin the task of environmental sustainability, this can be achieved through training and assessments, keeping in mind that sustaining the environment doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

How is it cost effective?

E-Learning by far is the most cost effective way to train your employees; it is quick and can be taught to one person or to a thousand persons at a time. Its interactive nature makes for easy learning along with the mantra of learning, ‘anywhere and any time’. One of the main cost effective features of e-learning is its instructor free self-driven form of learning, which improves efficiency and adds value not only to your employees, but also to the organization.

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