Role of Organizations in Enhancing Workplace Learning

Role of Organizations in Enhancing Workplace Learning

Role of Organizations in Enhancing Workplace Learning

The best way for any organization to succeed and thrive in the near future is to become a learning organization. According to Peter Singe, learning organizations are those organizations where new patterns of thinking processes are nurtured, where people can learn together and are given the freedom to create the results they desire.

For an organization to become a learning organization, every employee in the organization must contribute to it in some way or the other. Some of the major ways in which organizations can contribute to enhancing workplace learning are as follows:

  • a) When an organization expects its employee to perform, the first thing that an organization must facilitate is to impart proper training to its employee. This is possible by making arrangement for its employee for attending training and conferences. This gives employees an appropriate learning platform.
  • b) Another way of enhancing learning in the workplace is by selecting a few groups of employees and providing them an industrial tour of other organizations. Employees see and learn as to how others are solving the same problem but in a better way. This cross sharing of information among employees help to increase the collective experience on a particular task and help them try out new ways to arrive at a solution.
  • c) Brainstorming sessions with employees’ foster better workplace learning. They give employees the chance to think on any specific topic. A brainstorming session adds value to employees as they take time to think, talk about new ideas and finally work on them. They foster a cordial working environment and improve the communication skills of the employees through discussions.
  • d) The next step that an organization can do to improve workplace learning is to build individual development plans for the employees. Here, the employees are given the scope to understand the whole system through cross departmental training (among various departments). This ensures a broader view of the whole organization and a better understanding about how each department works.
  • e) Employees can be asked to conduct a survey or any such field work which enables them to know customers’ needs. The analysis of the data so obtained from the survey can enable them to understand these needs well and to take decisions accordingly to satisfy the needs of customers.
  • f) Last but not the least, there are instances where the organization itself pays for the employees’ educational pursuits. The organization feels that providing higher education will enable employees to perform the current task better and will result in more effective performance.

    These are a few important ways in which organizations enhance workplace learning for their employees.

    Do share your views on the same.

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