5 Tips to Enhance eLearning Courses

5 Tips to Enhance eLearning Courses

5 Tips to Enhance eLearning Courses

eLearning is a buzzword for companies who invest heavily in training initiatives in order to improve their bottom line. Here are some useful tips and tricks to enhance e-learning initiatives:

1. Videos: Using YouTube videos in your e-learning courses as an ice breaker to set the context can be very powerful.

2. Web Trips: You can ask the learner to visit some useful websites on a topic to learn more. This will help them explore beyond the e-learning course and learn comprehensively. It can also act as a pre-test and a post-test.

3. Cartoons: Using cartoons can be a good medium to impart information on a subject and retain it faster and humorously.

4. Music: Using music can enhance the course dramatically and help learners to use both the right and left brain.

5. Games: They say adults are big kids, we always love playing and enjoying ourselves. If a fun component is added to learning, it becomes more effective.

How are you making your e-learning interesting? Share your valuable inputs that can help organizations create effective learning solutions.

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  • Nudrat Rahman

    Hello Bushra,
    Working as a Education technology coordinator in a private school system i design short training sessions & workshops for teachers. I try to make these sessions interactive,with a number of activities, hands on tasks and group discussions.I have learned that teachers learn a lot from each others experience, they share ideas, resources and classroom practices. They do understand the importance of e-learning and the potential of their learners as digital natives of 21st Century, and that they need to brush up their own skills and learn to use the new tools & gadgets to facilitate their learners.

  • Thanks Rahman for the comment. It takes time for people to see the importance of elearning. I believe that elearning is the best option for blended learning. Using elearning prior to classroom session or as a post learning can be effective.



  • Capturing the core learning objects in a concise manner on video, and then enabling and encouraging discussion and resource discovery is a great way to enhance the learning experience. Our kids are extremely resourceful, but it needs to be convenient. The internet and mobile technology has advanced to the point that it is pretty easy to make learning fun. It will never replace the need for a classroom, as children need guides and facilitators, and healthy community development, but technology is transforming the way we educate.



  • This is a very interesting article. I agree with all the ideas the article shares about how to make eLearning courses interesting. I believe that it’s also important to provide e-Learning content that is self-paced to keep learners engaged. This will allow learners to learn the material they do not know yet but not repeat information they have already mastered.

  • Mouna

    This is very useful article to aware people of the benefits of E-learning. Unfortunately many people are not yet conscious of the importance of E-learning. They are afraid of investing money in that. But Today E-learning is a possibility; in the near Future it will be a necessity.