Overcome Low Participation rates in Online Learning with Engaging Videos

Overcome Low Participation rates in Online Learning with Engaging Videos

Overcome Low Participation rates in Online Learning with Engaging Videos

In order for online courses to create maximum impact, it is essential that they keep the user thoroughly engaged. But many times, developers fail to fully utilize the prowess of the digital medium, creating a course that doesn’t captivate the attention of learners. If the topic to be conveyed is too complicated, then the course can also become complicated and put the users off. Such courses fail to create lasting impressions on users and deter them from participating in future learning. Courses that don’t create impact on learners fail to trigger meaningful discussions and prevent very useful social learning. This lowers proactive participation of users post-course and reduces the efficiency of the learning program.

One of the most effective ways to overcome low participation rates is to use engaging videos in your digital learning courses. Videos with their visual and auditory elements inject a bout of freshness in your learning, keeping the user engaged throughout. Below are some of the ways in which videos can be used to boost participation rates in your online learning.

Difficult Topics Conveyed with Ease

Videos have the power to simplify any topic. Using innovative animations and attractive voice-overs it can breakdown a complex subject. This allows learners comprehend information easily and retain it for a long time. Right from complex product demonstrations to detailing a company’s employee portal procedure to displaying the safety features of your organization’s building complex, videos can convey a wide variety of trainings in an interesting manner. When we explain complex topics thoroughly with a captivating and short video, users show an increased drive to undertake a course. Giving simple explanations is the key to ensure that learners stay engaged throughout the course and the participation rate never dwindles down.

Creates Lasting Impressions

Participation doesn’t just mean being physically present in front of a computer to undertake an e-learning course. Users should also show participation by being mentally devoted to the course. But text heavy courses seldom manage to create a lasting impression in the minds of the learners. Including an engaging video in the course can change this. Videos provide a complete package of attractive sounds, text and visuals that tend to stay for a long time with the learner. A video can breathe a new life in an otherwise dull course and helps it to stay longer with the learners. A good video not only creates a deep impact in the learning curve but also helps add value to the mental participation of the learners.

Good Recall and Reuse                

Learners understand and retain information better when ideas, words and concepts are associated with images and sounds. Visual learning is associated with better reuse of knowledge as the brain has to do less amount of work in recollecting images and sounds as compared to text. The impact of the video doesn’t just stop there as even the textual elements associated with the video enjoy better recall. This thereby increases the overall effectiveness of the course itself. Such a course gives learners better scope of having relevant knowledge at the right time resulting in practical skill development. Users not only participate with vigor in such learning programs but also look forward for more.

Discussions and Social Learning

Employees can barely sit through non-engaging e-learning courses. Participation for such courses ends as soon as the training ends. Dull and text heavy courses have very less potential to become conversation starters. Hence they miss out on social interactions, which is a very engaging and self-driven form of learning. Including videos in your learning program can boost learner participation even after the course ends. Videos are attractive and entertaining form of multimedia that have the potential to become coffee-machine-talks. This informal communication can go a long way in deepening subject understanding and interest.

Great for Microlearning

As the schedules of employees become tighter and attention spans shorter, organizations face the ever-rising challenge of imparting effective training. One way organizations tackle this problem is by giving trainings in the form of micro-learning which consists of small bite-sized learning units. One major advantage of an e-learning video element is that it is crisp and concise. It can convey major concepts in a short amount of time. This means that videos created for e-learning can be used as stand-alone microlearning material.Videos serve a dual purpose of enhancing e-learning courses and providing excellent learning nuggets for just-in-time learning.

Having an attractive video element in your course can lighten up the tone of your learning program. Users are more likely to watch a video than go through a ton of text. This makes the learning more engaging and pushes reluctant users to undertake the course, greatly improving participation rates. So what are you waiting for? Create a short attractive video to boost learner engagement and participation.

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