4 Elements in E-learning that Excite and Engage Your Learners!

4 Elements in E-learning that Excite and Engage Your Learners!

4 Elements in E-learning that Excite and Engage Your Learners!

E-learning courses are taken online by learners, where they do not experience any direct interaction with an instructor. In the absence of a group learning environment, it is hard for the learner to stay focused and resist boredom.

When eLearning courses are designed with the help of certain elements, can increase the learner’s engagement by seizing and retaining his attention and engaging them. Let us see some of the elements that can excite and engage your learners.

Visuals and Animations

Optimal and intelligent use of visuals or graphics is an important element as people often judge by the look. It’s a harsh reality that initial impression is derived from the appearance. If the game looks visually impressive, your job is half done. Researches also prove that visuals play an important role in grabbing the attention of learners.

Animation in E-learning


Sound effects can make the learners totally absorbed in the course. In a eLearning assesments, if the learner answers a question, adding music while rewarding him accelerates his excitement. Such sort of excitement elicits specific emotions that connect learners to the course.


Scenario-based approach aims to improve in-depth learning and makes learners aware of the situations where they need to respond promptly in a given situation. For example, in one of our eLearning courses, we used the magic lamp scenario for assessments. In that scenario, the learner should answer all the questions correctly so that he can win the treasure.

Scenario in E-learning

Scenarios can be used to improve realism in courses. Taking the help of the SME, you can develop a scenario of a real-world situation, create a problem and ask your learner to solve.

Scenario in E-learning


In maximizing the learner experience, rewards play a key role. It gives the sense of personal accomplishment. Rewards can be like ranks, badges, virtual gifts and points. The one point that you should keep in mind is that rewards should be meaningful and should be of some purpose for the learner; else, he or she may lose interest.

All these elements in eLearning steer the learner to a memorable learning experience. Please do share your thoughts!

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