What Frustrates and Confuses the Learner While Taking an Elearning Course?

What Frustrates and Confuses the Learner While Taking an Elearning Course?

What Frustrates and Confuses the Learner While Taking an Elearning Course?

E-learning courses are designed for learners giving them a choice to access the courses at their own pace. They should be designed in-order to meet the learner’s requirements. You might think that the course is designed well from your perspective, but it is the learner who should get benefitted. Having nothing valuable in the course ultimately frustrates the learners and sets in a feeling of not taking the e-learning course again. Even if you incorporate important content in the course, learners will get confused, if it is not properly organized.

Let’s see some of the factors that frustrate the learners.

Failing to tell the learners ‘what’s in it for me’

This might be the most frustrating factor for the learners, if they are not satisfied with the course. This is due to the lack of clear and measurable goals. Each course should possess a specific objective, and the content should focus on meeting that objective. This might be possible by the course learning objectives. Learner’s should be given a clear idea regarding the course, at the beginning itself. You need to provide them with the information they are looking for.

Unclear navigation

Not providing the learners with right guidance of accessing the buttons in the e-learning course might frustrate and as well as confuse them. To get rid of this confusion, if possible remove the unnecessary buttons from the screen. Ensure that you specify what each button does clearly, so that learners can take up the course very smoothly. To explain clearly is important, as you know that there are lots of buttons in e-learning courses like start, back, menu, exit, pause and others on screen and all the learners may not be familiar with them. They don’t know how to go forward, backward and to the next level, and that frustrates the learners. So provide them with clear instructions on navigations, before the course starts, so that they can use the buttons effectively in a right way.

Overwhelming graphics

Graphics such as images, charts draw learner’s attention towards the course very quickly. However, before including them, see to that you mainly concentrate on the content, as the learners are first concerned with the content in the course. Now, choose the simple images, in accordance with the content in the course. Any visually presented information needs to be presented very clearly, so that learners are able to read it. Remember that learners should not think of only the graphics, but they must be able to relate them to the topic so that it improves their understanding.

Heavy Text

Incorporating too much of text on screen can also be one of the factors for confusing learner’s and leaves them with half knowledge. To avoid this, include white space between the content. White space means any unused area on the screen between the content. Providing ample space, between the clickable items on the screen, ensures that user will not click the wrong button.

Hope, now you have a clear idea of some of the obstacles that the learners face while taking the e-learning courses. Keeping them in mind you might design e-learning courses that are user-friendly to the learners.

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