4 Tips to EngageYour Online Learners

4 Tips to Engage Your Online Learners

4 Tips to Engage Your Online Learners

How can you make a captivating eLearning course that leaves your learners spellbound? What does it take to create learner delight? Well, here are four proven tips to develop excellent online courses that enthrall your online learners.

1. Gamify the course: This is one of the effective ways to engage learners in online courses. Try including interactive games that are based on real-life environments, so thatyou can “immerse” the learners in your online courses. Include points, levels, rewards and feedback in your games. This approach would be very useful to motivate your learners. Gamification challenges your learners and facilitates better learning because it helps them learn in a stress-free atmosphere.

Here are the screenshots of different games that can be included in your online course.

Gamify the course

2. Include scenarios and assessments and provide detailed feedback:E-learning course are instructor-independent. So, how can the online learner be engaged effectively? The best way to capture the attention of your learners is to incorporate effective scenarios and assessments in your course. Include scenarios based on situations that learners face in their work and ask them what they would do if they were in that situation. Provide learners with appropriate feedback and allow them to correct their wrong choices.

Include scenarios and assessments and provide detailed feedback

3. Use Videos: E-learning course designers can hold their learners’ attention by including videos in their course. Videos create an emotional connection between learners and the online course, and go a long way in motivating them.Videos can be used very effectively to teach a procedure or something that reflects a behavioral change. They can also be effective while teaching a process.

Use Videos

4. Include links to additional resources: You can add links that would direct your learners to other websites where they can access videos, audio or information related to your course. Ensure that the links are active and relevant to ensure that your learners are not flooded with information. This approach is also effective in engaging your learners.

Include links to additional resources

Hope you find these tips helpful. Would like to hear more from you.

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