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Elements that Keep Learners Glued to the Course – An Infographic

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E-learning courses are designed to be deployed online where learners are expected to take the courses in a self-paced environment. So, in such an environment, how do you design an eLearning course which motivates and intrigues learners? Here is an info graphic through which I would like to explain a few elements that would keep the learners glued to the course.

The first and the foremost aspect to be considered when creating an engaging course is – relevance. How relevant is the course to the learners? This means that you need to create the course with relevant content that directly speaks to the learners. Then comes the importance of adding appropriate images and appealing interactivities that keep the learners engaged throughout the online learning course.

Prior knowledge or information about the subject as provided by the client is also very essential to develop an engaging eLearning course. Presenting the content in smaller bits instead of heavy text ensures the learners take the course with great zeal and interest. Adult learners are more responsive when they are convinced that the course they are taking could help them in real-life situations.

Below is the info graphic that explains the elements to be considered in keeping the learners engaged in the course.

Elements that Keep Learners Glued to the Course – An Infographic

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