Ways to Engage Employees to Safety Training

Ways to Engage Employees to Safety Training

Ways to Engage Employees to Safety Training

With the growing concern over employees’ safety, companies worldwide are adopting safety training policies to prevent workplace hazards. Safety training helps in raising the quality of life for the employees. To increase the level of safety awareness among employees, organizations now a days are trying to involve a larger section of its employees in the safety training process for wider acceptance.

So, what are the various ways of making safety training both interesting and engaging for employees? Here are some ideas.

Cartoons: Different types of cartoons (with or without captions), short comic strips etc. can be used as a teaching strategy to engage employees while demonstrating safety issues. Visually the impact is immediate and it involves greater understanding, capturing the attention and interest of employees.

Puzzles: Brain-teasers or questions can help in gaining the attention of learners. Brain-teasers help in reducing the monotony and ensure that the learners are alert during the session. It enables the learners to determine their areas of strengths and weakness. Moreover it also helps them focus on the task.

Engaging activities: Involving employees in engaging activities such as role plays will help them to play a participatory role. Employees get involved in planning, building and role playing by actively participating in those activities. The learners get to practice what they have learned under supervision.

Safety slogans: Introducing a safety slogan in conjunction with a training program on safety issues could be an effective strategy. The slogans serve as reminders to the employees to adopt safety measures. Therefore, engage the employees to come out with some new effective safety slogans.

Safety symbols: There may be some areas in the office which are not safe with some possible risk factors. Employees can be asked to design visually appealing posters containing safety symbols that can be pasted in these areas as reminders about safety requirements.

These are a few captivating ways to motivate employees to attend safety training. By implementing them, you can make employees aware of the risk factors involved in their workplace so that they are motivated to practice safe work methods to prevent workplace accidents or injuries.

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