Pointers to Help Employees Embrace E-learning

Pointers to Help Employees Embrace E-learning

You have identified the need for eLearning and have created a huge repository of customized courses based on the varied needs of your employees in a wide range of roles. Well, that’s half the battle won. Now you face a major challenge. How do you convince your employees to embrace eLearning?

They may view eLearning as a new technological burden imposed on them. The very thought could scare and prevent them from giving it a chance. Few might not give it a serious thought and consider it frivolous. They might consider only classroom training as the real thing.

In the midst of these turbulent and contradictory viewpoints, how do you put across your convictions that eLearning is neither a necessary evil, nor an imposter?

You have to convince your employees that it is not something to be scared of, at the same time it is not be put aside easily. It is a very pertinent tool in this era, combining the benefits of classroom training with all the benefits of technology.

E-learning actually makes it very simple for employees to acquire new knowledge and this point needs to be emphasized. Here are some of the ideas to convince your employees to embrace, customized eLearning courses.

1. Make content interesting and cater to a wide range of audience
E-learning offers a wide range of interactivities which render any sort of content interesting. It could be a dull, mandatory compliance training or a product training program, which is supposed to introduce your new product to sales personnel and customers.

Through eLearning, the content can be presented in a visually appealing manner which will make the audience assimilate the content better.

2. Provide flexible options for taking courses

E-learning also caters to a wide range of learners with different technological preferences. There are no constraints to sit in a place and listen to tedious monologues. They have the flexibility to take the courses at their convenience on their preferred device – be it a laptop, smartphone or an iPad.

3. Assist in completing compliance courses

E-learning is suited to develop courses on almost all topics, ranging from product trainings to performance management. It can be used to develop compliance trainings, new employee orientation programs, and case studies. Name it and it can be developed.

Thus, it helps employees’ complete mandatory courses with minimum hassles and in a short time frame, thereby assisting in obtaining quick certification.

4. Add Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory elements

E-learning courses can be customized to engage the attention of the various types of learners, those who are auditory, kinesthetic or visual. E-learning courses possess the ability to make learners lose any misconceptions they may have about the content through the usage of various presentation patterns and techniques.

5. Make testing fun and informative

Even testing the cognitive ability of the learners becomes easy and fun through eLearning. It is quite different from the traditional assessment methods. A wide range of games and fun activities can be used to test learners. The focus shifts from testing the learners to helping them reinforce their learning, thereby making the exercise learner friendly, productive and informative all at once. The feedback can be given in such a way that it tells them why they are wrong and leads them onto the correct track. It can also be used to share further details on a particular subject matter, once the topic at hand is absorbed.

With additional features such as bookmarking the courses, they can restart the course from where they leave it; there is no compulsion to finish the entire course in a single go.

I am sure; all these points will more than convince your employees to embrace eLearning. They will be very eager to take up your courses. So happy eLearning!!!

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