Tips on Improving Employee Training Programs

Tips on Improving Employee Training Programs

Tips on Improving Employee Training Programs

Education imparts knowledge and develops an individual’s overall personality. However, training sharpens the knowledge acquired through education and provides skills essential to perform a particular job. It is recognized as a strategic component in today’s organizational settings. Therefore, organizations invest a vast portion of their resources and time in conducting training programs for their employees. But how effective are these training programs?

If employees attend training programs without applying what they learnt, it implies that the training program is a sheer waste of resources and time. To motivate employees to do their work smartly and skilfully, training programs should be designed meticulously. These programs should be relevant to the organizational and the employees’ needs. The training delivered should be effective enough to bring a positive change in the employees’ attitude and approach towards their job. Here are some pointers:

Focus on the objective of the training program

Training is not merely sharing information. This information should meet the professional needs of the employees, such as enhancing the skill-set required to excel in the job they are currently doing. It could also be to provide them with the new skills required to perform a new organizational task when a new technology, product or service is going to be introduced.

Ensure that learners understand the purpose of training

The purpose of the training is of course to bring about a change in the way the employees have been working so far. However, training program should not make the employees feel that what they have been doing all these years is a useless thing and there is an urgent need to change their working style. This will only de-motivate them. The learners should be encouraged to share and discuss their apprehensions and concerns.

Reward performing employees

Newly trained employees usually get back to their work stations with enhanced confidence, renewed enthusiasm and higher levels of competency. However, not all of them retain the same levels of zeal and commitment to apply the skills acquired through training to their job. It is only a handful of employees who do that. Recognize their exceptional performance by rewarding them smartly or by felicitating them with the ‘Performer of the Month’ award. This will instil in the employees the spirit to perform and achieve the target.

Implement online training programs

Learning is not a ‘one-time-affair”. Therefore, you should realize the need to provide training for the staff from time-to-time. But, conducting training programs involves huge expenditure in all respects – from hiring a trainer to finalizing the training room, providing lunch and so on. In such situations, online training is becoming increasingly popular among organizations. To make training programs cost-effective and save valuable productive time of employees, organizations are moving towards online training for their employees.

In conclusion, training will yield results only when the management identifies the right training gaps.

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