New Employee Orientation Training – Why Use eLearning?

New Employee Orientation Training – Why Use eLearning?

New Employee Orientation Training

New employee orientation is about providing a comprehensive snapshot of the organization. It is about conveying the Culture, Values and Principles of the organization in a manner that helps new employees understand and then apply them.

I would like to share why we should use ELearning for “New employee orientation training”. Let me present my case.

Scenario 1:

Let’s assume a company recruits 50 employees every month. If the Induction trainings are conducted through Classroom then the divisional heads need to present their sessions to new hires every month. This is not always possible as there are chances that the divisional heads will be travelling and hence training may get delayed/ affected.

If eLearning is used then the message from divisional heads is recorded either by audio or video and can be used any number of times. Hence there’s no need to tie up valuable staff delivering repetitive content.

Scenario 2:

On the other hand, let’s assume that the organization recruits 15 to 20 employees every month. Usually the Classroom Trainings are conducted for a batch of employees. In this case the new hires have to wait for the critical number of other new hires, which results in the delay of training. This may result in leaving the new hires to form their own and, most often, misleading perceptions regarding the company and its values.

If eLearning is used, since the training programs are based online the new hires can take their training at their desktops. This does not create a delay in the trainings even though the new hire intake is staggered and the intake is not limited to any one date of the calendar.

Scenario 3:

Let us consider a Multi-National Company (MNC) having its operations in about 100 countries. If the company wishes to train its new hires in all its locations, how can they do so? If classroom training is preferred then the trainer should be deployed at each location to train the new hires. As a result the company should invest heavily on the training programs.

If eLearning is used, then only one training program can be developed and can be used at all the locations of the organization. This will reduce the expenditure of trainer’s energy, focus the effort on creating only one training course and greatly decrease the cost.

I hereby rest my case. I look forward to your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.

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