Things to Do on Employees First Day at Work

Things to Do on Employees First Day at Work

Things to Do on Employees First Day at Work

Imagine when you arrive at your workplace on the very first day, there is nobody to guide you. You are made to wait for hours before you are introduced to your colleagues, there is no place allotted for you to work, you are made to stand because your workstation is getting ready. Or perhaps, no one is available for you to clarify certain issues in finishing the joining formalities or you don’t know whom to approach for such clarifications. This is awkward, isn’t it?

This kind of messy situation may not scare your new employee out of the office but it will certainly create a bad impression about your organizational setting and culture. Therefore, to avoid such messy situations for your new employees, plan well for their first day so that they feel valued and welcome. Here are a few guidelines:

Take every step to make your employees comfortable

You need not make your new employees’ first day the most memorable day of their lives but certainly you can make it hassle-free. Ensure that your HR attends to them right from the time they enter the office. They should introduce them to the team and give them a tour of the office pointing to the dining room, rest room, storeroom and other amenities. Provide them lunch if possible and ensure that somebody sits with them for lunch. Give them the necessary employment forms and tell them that you are available for clarifications.

Give them a brief Introduction

Ensure that new employees feel part of the organization as early as you can. Introduce them to your products, processes and service offerings in brief. Tell them the organizational vision and mission statements. Familiarize them with their role and what you expect of them. While doing that, allow them to ask questions and clarify their doubts. This will keep their interest levels high.

Give them a help

Your new employees will have lots of doubts. They will be in a dilemma about whom to approach among their colleagues, so give them a helping hand in this connection. When they know whom to question, they will feel more comfortable.

Get everything ready for them

Get their e-mail ready by the end of the day. Give them the list of telephone numbers and, if applicable, visiting cards. Regardless of their years of experience, employees do feel nervous on their first day at work. They need your guidance and support to acclimatize to the new environment. Whether this transition is smooth or not depends a lot on you. Ensure that it is smooth and orderly so that you can make a positive impression about your organization and its culture very early in their tenure with your organization.

Do share your thoughts on the same.

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  • Raja Jeevan Kumar Maduri

    – Probably provide some level of document for them to go through (ensure that you keep it updated) with links to the team they would be working with or the product they will be involved in.

    – It would be ideal, if he assigned a person who will bug him for every couple of hours to see how he is going and whether he needs any more information

    – Probably see that he has a workstation (even if is not provided a system straight-away!!) better have his workstation ready for him

    – Sending out an Email to the entire company about his Professional Profile and his personal interests and encourage associates in the company to approach people with similar interests. This would improve the cross-team communication

    – Collect ideas from within the enterprise as companies usually have a culture that they usually work with.

    – Most importantly, seek his feedback (after a certain period) and try improving the process a little later on his first day experience. Possibly encourage him to add his experience as a testimonial to the company’s culture to see whether there are any gaps that needs to be addressed.

  • Dr. Venkat

    Here I am giving 5day program rather….read-on why

    Day 1 (lets say Monday):
    -Make first day the most memorable day…because first impression is the best one.
    -HR role is key here no doubt (and then the concerned department, followed by the concerned group).
    -Give them a tour of the office by HR (and day 2 onwards by the concerned head/deputy head of the department wherever possible. – this will address the “Respect” thing.
    -Take them to lunch (not if possible – just ‘make it simply possible not just on first day only but for the next five days’ by colleagues etc., whom he/she will be working with). This will impact a lot, believe me. First day you buy the lunch for them, next day the department, following day the group leader. After that they have to burn their pocket of course.
    -Make them feel that they landed-up in the right place and are part of the family.
    -Send them home early after completing the above.

    Day 2

    -Get everything ready for them – place to sit, phone where appropriate, e-mail, list of telephone numbers. If applicable, visiting cards in the following week itself.
    -Introduce them the organizational vision and mission statements.
    -Explain to them their role. Take them around the lab (here don’t just show their work area only, instead take them around and finally to the place where they will be working from the following week onwards).
    -Take them to lunch (you can’t skip it till the week-end any way).
    -Don’t allot any work till next Monday.

    Day 3.

    -Your new employees will have lots of doubts. So invite them to your every day meetings if any or arrange a short one (depending on their level of functioning in the organogram). So certainly they will feel more comfortable in terms of people relations, work culture and work itself.
    -Take them to lunch (you can’t skip it till the week-end any way).

    Day 4 & 5

    -Make them feel comfortable, invite them to any other meetings at local level and allow them to move around (especially the people working in lab, manufacturing, production, R&D environments etc.).
    -allow them to observe their team working (especially in a lab environment) – in other words attach them to those who they will be working with in the real work from the following week itself.
    -Again do not forget to take them to lunch.

    This five-day program in a broad way (of course needs to be tailored on a case-by-case bases) is necessary to make them feel home and the results will show up.

    (It is all about making them feel comfortable and satisfying that little EGO thing. )

    Moreover, as a general note not related to the above, I would urge every one at central, state, and local level to brainstorm on five day week rather than 6-7 day week.

  • Quynh Nguyen

    In my real time experience at two very well known organizations recently, very few things weigh more than having program logins ready so the new employees can be and feel useful, productive, and competitive among others.