Ways to Elevate Your elearning Courses

Ways to Elevate Your elearning Courses

Ways to Elevate Your elearning Courses

Elearning authors these days are tasked not only with creating relevant and meaningful content, but also are responsible for addressing learner motivation and to make the learning experience a lasting impact to the learners.

Even if it’s easy to create content, creating elearning courses, with the ability to involve learner’s right from the first screen, might be difficult.

Here are a few ways to elevate your elearning courses.

Tell the learners what they expect: This is the key point to be kept in mind, while designing elearning courses. Tell the learners what they expect from the course. If this is not done, they will feel disinterested, right from the beginning. Try to emphasize on individual learning goals, which is one of the ways to attract learner’s attention.

Use meaningful context: Context is something that refers to the environment of instruction or interaction. It shows the way information is presented and the way set of facts introduced to the learners for the first time. Hence, context plays a major role in an elearning course. Irrelevant context is of no use to the learners, so you should aim for meaningful context. This is what that connects your course material with the learners’ their goals and interests.

According to Michael W. Allen, “Good learning experiences aren’t just about facts; they are about becoming a more proficient, capable and valuable person“. Try including such context that makes some sense, and projects how efficient the learning is. Learners should feel like they are achieving something by taking the course.

Consider the impact of good visual design: Simply incorporating text doesn’t attract the learners towards the course; you need to make them more interactive and interesting. The only way is replacing the content or text on your slides, with the graphics or animations. You can also put the text in the audio recording, which grabs their attention. It will improve the way learners learn.

Research in general, states that it takes only a 1/10th of a second to form the first impression about a course. So, visual design is a powerful device to set the tone. Visuals help explain your point, add emotional depth and make ideas concrete.

Make learners attempt multiple tasks: Learners often look for opportunities, which help them apply the knowledge they have, as they want to master the skills and complete the tasks. So try introducing multiple tasks. Also you can involve them in classifying concepts or working out a with a process. This way they can test the facts and assumptions in practice.

Compelling call to actions: When learners anticipate some reward for their efforts, it brings a sense of motivation in them. Create a sense of urgency in completing a course, or an assessment. A good course should give learners a compelling incentive and a benefit to look forward to. Adults wish for both extrinsic and as-well intrinsic motivation to learn. When any of these can be related as part of technology-based instruction, adults will respond more positively.

Please do share your thoughts on the steps which you follow to make your elearning courses resonate with the learners.

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