Elements That Need to Be Considered During E-learning Storyboarding

Elements That Need to Be Considered During E-learning Storyboarding

As instructional designers, we aim to provide flawless products to customers that meet their expectations and requirements. To ensure an error free and quality-based outcome, a checklist is needed. A checklist acts as a reference and helps developers make sure that all tasks are carried out as per the requirements.

Here is a list of elements that need to be considered during storyboarding. This list helps evaluate the quality of the course.

Objectives: Learning objectives play an important role in an eLearning course. They specify what a learner would be able to do at the end of the course Answers to the following questions help us set effective learning objectives.

  • Do your learning objectives include performance, condition and criterion?
  • Are they stated in a clear and precise form?
  • Is the content of the course relevant to the objectives?

Content: Content is the fundamental element of any course. To ensure there are no mistakes in the content, the following elements must be checked

  • Is the flow of the content correct?
  • Does every chapter of the course cover at least one learning objective?
  • Is the content relevant to the learners and does it give the desired outcome?
  • Are the images relevant to the content?
  • Are the instructions for the interactivities given correctly?

Along with these, make sure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors in the course.

Audio: One must be very careful when preparing an audio script; a small mistake would affect the cost and may lead to a lot of rework. The following elements must be checked in the audio script:

  • Is the content given correctly for narration?
  • Are the instructions properly mentioned to the narrator?
  • Are proper pronunciation notes given for acronyms and difficult words?

 Quiz: Assessments are the integral part of an eLearning course. They help reinforce the learner’s knowledge. To create effective assessments, you need to:

  • Ensure your assessments are aligned with your learning objectives.
  • Check whether they are relevant to the content of the course.
  • See that there a minimum of two questions at the end of every topic.
  • Provide feedback that explains the learner why he is correct or wrong.

 Navigation: The following things must be checked regarding the navigation of the course:

  • See that proper instructions are given to the learners regarding navigation.
  • Ensure that there is a consistent navigation structure throughout the course.
  • Make sure that the course navigation is easy and understandable to the learners.

These are some of the elements that need to be checked to avoid errors. Please do share if you have anything to add to the list.

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  • Deepdisha Doshi

    I think another point that needs to be added to this list is instructional text or call to action text. Sometimes, as IDs we tend to forget that the learner might feel overwhelmed if he does not know what to do, where to click and so on. So apart from the navigation instructions, itext is also important. More so, in assessment / knowledge check frames as well as interactive slides where the learner is supposed to click or roll over his mouse to reveal layered content.