3 Elements of a Strong Organizational Culture to Achieve Better Sales Output

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3 Elements of a Strong Organizational Culture to Achieve Better Sales Output

Often organizations are obsessed with numbers and sales output and tend to forget the basic elements of developing a strong organizational culture. But these elements lay the foundation for a strong organizational culture that will eventually result in better sales output.

Why is a Strong Organizational Culture Needed to Increase Sales Output?

The organizational or corporate culture reflects the attitude of sales people who are responsible for sales output. A healthy and strong organizational culture allows sales employees to stay connected with the bigger picture and share a common sense of purpose with the organization. A strong organizational culture helps integrate the organization’s mission and goals in a positive way such that it creates a pleasant working environment. This in turn, is likely to help employees enjoy their work and strive to be more productive, and thus ensure better sales output.

3 Philosophical Elements that Can Trigger Sales Growth

Let’s examine the elements that help form a company’s philosophy.

  1. A clear mission and purpose statement represents one of the major elements of a strong organizational culture. A defined mission statement easily understood by everyone in the organization is a sign of a strong workplace culture. Without a guiding mission statement, organizations will have to struggle to accomplish or find an identity of their own.


  • a) If the organization emphasizes on establishing a strong orientation toward stakeholder value, then that should be stated in the mission statement.
  • b) If the organization wants to make social responsibility a part of its culture, then employees should be encouraged to participate in community betterment initiatives.

To establish a connection between the above statement and sales results, it is true that without clear-cut objectives,  sales people will be unsure of where the sales ladder will head for in a particular financial year. To bring transparency and focus on the sales targets, a clear mission and purpose statement are a must.

  1. Another important indication of a strong organizational culture is respect among employees and the culture of support. An organization comprises employees who work together for a common goal. If the top management treats employees at all levels with care and respect, it is likely that employees will be happy in their jobs. Respected employees tend to perform better and are more actively engaged in their jobs. Thus, a supportive organizational culture offers training instead of reprimands, encouragement instead of disappointment.

    Sales targets can be achieved if there is synergy, collaboration, and co-operation among employees. A single sales person is not responsible for the organization’s annual sales results. It is a group of employees working in harmony that will help achieve the sales target. If there is no mutual understanding among employees, your sales results may come down and often shift to the other side of the graph.

  2. Another common thread that exists among organizations with strong a culture is open communication. If organizations implement an open door communication policy, it will help employees avoid conflicts in the workplace. Therefore, a strong organizational culture should emphasize on the transparency of information.

Thus, a mission statement followed by a culture of support and a practice of open communication are the three main elements that lead to the formation of a strong organizational culture.

Communication is essential for sales alignment. Wrong communication can derail the sales function and its internal processes. Experts assert that 85% of career success is directly related to the ability to communicate, which Harvard Business Review calls a “must-have leadership skill.” And doing it well involves using more than words. Psychologist Albert Mehrabian concluded in his book Silent Messages that body language accounts for 55% of communication. (Source: quickbooks.intuit.com)

Want to see all your sales people as top performers? Implement the 3 elements and foster a strong organizational culture that’ll help your sales people stay connected with your goals and achieve more.

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