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Elements to Consider for Developing an Effective E-learning Storyboard

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Elements to Consider for Developing an Effective E-learning Storyboard

A storyboard acts as a blueprint to develop an effective eLearning course. The overall representation of content onscreen and in the audio is presented in a storyboard. A storyboard can be created in a Word document or as a PowerPoint presentation. Here are a few elements that we need to consider while developing a storyboard.

Elements to consider while developing a eLearning storyboard:

Learning Objectives:

Learning objectives give a learner a clear picture of what he will learn by the end of the course. The objectives should be simple and brief. It is very essential for the instructional designer to analyze the content and then set the clear learning objectives.

Learning Objectives

Instructional Strategies:

The instructional strategy is the creative part in a storyboard. It is a phase where an instructional designer needs to think of a method that would keep the learners motivated. For example the strategies that can be used include storytelling, guided learning, scenario-based learning and many more depending on the type of content.

Instructional Strategies

Presenting the Content

After deciding on a suitable strategy, you need to think of presenting the content in an effective manner. Try presenting the content in smaller chunks rather than dumping the entire content onscreen. Make use of different interactivities that would keep a learner connected to the course.

Assessments and Feedback

Assessments help in reinforcing the learner’s knowledge and a positive feedback helps him take up the course with great zeal. The feedback should give a clear explanation to the learner on why his answer is correct or wrong.

Assessments and Feedback

These are some of the elements for effective storyboarding. Please do share, if you have more to add to the list.

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