Steps to Enhance Visual Appeal of Online Courses [Infographic]

Steps to Enhance Visual Appeal of Online courses [Infographic]

The quality of your e-learning course depends of several factors – Good content, correct instructional strategy and visualization of online courses being some of them. Visual elements play an important part in the presentation of e-learning courses, particularly and Graphic User Interface or GUI. Choice of fonts, colors, images have a bearing on the GUI which can have an impact on the quality of an e-learning course.

Visuals, when used to support textual content, helps in decreasing the learning time and results in better comprehension of content. Abstract and challenging subjects such as processes and procedures, when presented visually become more tangible and easy to understand.

Keeping the above aspects in mind, how can you make your e-learning courses visually appealing to your target audience? Here’s an infographic that suggest how you can enhance visual appeal of online courses and offer better learning experience to your users.

Steps to Enhance Visual Appeal of Online courses [Infographic]

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