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Checklist to Select an E-learning Vendor in India

Are you in two minds about outsourcing your eLearning development project to an Indian vendor? Do the horror stories of peers who had a a very bad experience with eLearning vendors make you skeptical about outsourcing? You certainly are not alone.

The last few years have witnessed phenomenal growth in the number of online course development companies in India. Most of these e-learning vendors lack the experience and competence to deliver quality online training courses. So, how can you choose the right firm that can understand your needs and deliver the right course at the right time at the right cost?

Here is a 10-point checklist that goes a long way in the selection of an efficient eLearning development vendor.

1. Substantial Experience

You need to select an eLearning company that has at least a decade of industry experience and has seen major technological advancements in eLearning. This helps prevent you from getting cheated by fly-by-night operators, who have cropped up like mushrooms after rain.

2. Focus on Learning

Choose a company that understands learning and how adults learn rather than technology or graphic companies who add eLearning only to make hay while the sun shines.

3. Strong Clientele and Reference

They say if a client is unhappy he tells 10 people and if he is happy he tells just one. Check for client references before you hire an outsourcing eLearning developer. Select a vendor that has won the trust of leading names in the corporate world.

4. Project Management

One major hurdle you may face while working with an offshore eLearning developer is effective communication. Most offshore companies do not communicate well, leading to cost and time overruns. Hire a company with competent project management teams that have experience working with global clients.

5. Processes and Standardizations

Make sure that the vendor has excellent processes and standardizations in place so that rapid eLearning development takes place with high quality and in very less time.

6. Expertise in Working with Multi-cultural Teams

It is important that the offshore eLearning vendor understands the nuances of working with cross-cultural teams and has experience working with multi-cultural teams.

7. Licensed Software and Authoring Tools

Some offshore companies who operate with thin margins really do not have licensed software. Check this aspect before signing up with them.

8. Access to Paid Image Bank

Also check where they get their images from and check if they use royalty-free images that the outsourcing eLearning developer has purchased.

9. Team Capability and Size

Check the credentials of the top team and their capabilities. Also check if there are skilled employees who are working for the company for at least 3-4 years.

10. Cost- Quality Value Proposition

Last but not the least, select a vendor who gives you excellent value for money and is willing to go an extra mile for ensuring your satisfaction.

Offshoring your eLearning needs to the right vendor in India helps you to impart the best training to your people and thereby improve their productivity resulting in better bottom line for your organization. What do you think?

eLearning Development Outsourcing: A Comprehensive eGuide to Select the Right Vendor