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6 Hot E-learning Trends Shaping the Corporate Training World [Video]

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6 Hot E-learning Trends Shaping the Corporate Training World [Video]

Pathbreaking developments over the last few years have dramatically altered the technology-enabled learning landscape. The massive proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have resulted in a huge surge in the demand for m-learning solutions, and the phenomenal rise in the use of the internet in the non-English speaking world is opening new vistas in online training.

As result of these game-changing developments, new trends such as the following are emerging in the world of e-learning.

  1. Growth in the use of bite-sized modules
  2. Conversion of Flash-based learning content into the mobile-friendly HTML5 format
  3. Translation of e-learning content in English into the native languages of learners

Check out this interesting video to know more about these trends and others that are shaping the future of the corporate training world.

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