14 Infographics Covering All Aspects of E-learning Implementation

15 Infographics Covering All Aspects of E-learning Implementation

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary this September. On this occasion, I would like to share 15 of CommLab India’s best info graphics on e-learning, m-learning, LMS, translation, and so on. We have published around 500 info graphics so far. Out of these, 15 info graphics have been selected based on their importance with regards to e-learning development and implementation and how they address the challenges in learning. So, take a look at the infographics that visually address the various aspects pertaining to e-learning.

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E-learning design and development

1. What is e-learning and what it is not?

There are many misconceptions about what e-learning is. One of them is that if voiceover is added to PowerPoint presentations then it can become an e-learning course. This is simply not true. This infographic gives clarity of what e-learning is and what it is not. Take a look at this infographic for more!

2. 5 Incredible Aspects of a Well-designed E-learning Course:

What makes an e-learning course – the best? How can you keep your learners engaged throughout the course? Here is an infographic that shares 5 aspects that are crucial to make an e-learning course succeed in providing good learning experience.

3. Types of Visuals and Their Functions in E-learning:

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s an infographic that demonstrates the use of the different types of visuals and how they help to keep learners engaged in an online course.

4. How to Use Gaming Mechanics for Designing Your E-learning Assessment:

We all like to play games at one point or the other. Don’t we?

Here is an infographic that demonstrates the strategy that is used to ensure learners are not bored when taking an online course. Here’s an infographic that illustrates how to use games in the course keep the learner motivated with fun and help them to learn faster.

5. 10 Reasons for High Dropout Rates in Online Learning Courses:

While e-learning is widely used by organizations today, many L & D managers lament that dropout rates in online courses are high. This infographic illustrates different ways to keep your learners engaged and participate in the online training programs with successful completions.

6. Multimedia Strategy for M-learning Courses:

Using multimedia elements in an m-learning course with limited screen space can be a challenge. Here is an infographic that shares important aspects to keep in mind when including multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and games for mobile learning courses.

7. Articulate Storyline – The Ideal Tool to Develop Online Curricula

What makes Articulate Storyline so popular with e-learning developers creating online curriculum? Check out this infographic to know the essential aspects that make the tool ideal to develop online courses.

Training Needs

8. Key Topics to Cover in Your Sales Training Program:

It is said that successful sales leads to a successful organization. So, sales personnel need to be trained effectively to address the knowledge and skill gaps. This infographic focuses upon the key topics that need to be covered in an online sales training program.

9. Why is E-learning the Right Medium to Deliver Compliance Training?

Compliance goes a long way in preventing violations of applicable statutes, rules and regulations that attract huge fines. It fosters a better working environment within the company. This infographic demonstrates the benefits of e-learning to deliver compliance training.

Learning Management Systems

11. How Can LMS Help Your Organization in Training Employees?

LMS is a single centralized platform that can be used to administer, monitor, and record all trainings taking place in an organization. It helps scale training delivery with speed and accuracy. Learn what all can be done with an LMS in this infographic.

12. How to Make the LMS Platform User-friendly? 

LMS is essential to host courses, roll out updates, conduct assessments, perform reviews, and so on. Here’s an infographic that shares how LMS can be made user friendly.


13. 8 Tips to Improve the Quality of E-learning Translations:

Check out the essential elements that need to be considered to ensure that online translations are high on quality with faster completions and cost effective. This infographic explains the importance of delivering online courses in learners’ native language.

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