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The Modern Training Manager – An Infographic

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We wear raincoats in rainy season, leather jackets in winter and cotton stuff in summer right? Why? The answer is obvious – to protect ourselves from external environmental conditions. Similarly, your business faces many micro and macro environmental challenges. To withstand and face those challenges effectively, you need to take appropriate measures depending on the issues you are facing.

One such challenge is training your employees at the speed of changing needs. Yes, when everything is changing at a breakneck speed your training requirements also change. To deliver your training at the same speed as changes happen, you need to explore the options that can speed up your training delivery at reduced costs.

Meet Mrs. Teena who is a training and development manager in a manufacturing major. She has adopted technology-enabled learning and is enjoying the fruits of this aggressive initiative that she has taken to capitalize the power of eLearning in their organization. Have a look at the practices that have made her an ideal modern training manager.

The Modern Training Manager - An Infographic

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