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E-learning to Make The Most of Your Remaining Training Budget

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E-learning to Make The Most of Your Remaining Training Budget

As we move to the end of the financial year, training managers might be at risk of losing any unspent training budget. It’s crucial to make sure that they spend the entire training budget allocated in order to avail or receive comparable budgets or increased budgets for the next fiscal year.

True to this fact, we typically receive many enquiries for training requirements in the last three months of the financial year. Training mangers are eager to spend available funds from their budgets because that is the only way to demonstrate that the need is higher and real. Even though this way of spending the training budget makes sense, waking up at the eleventh hour may not be such a good idea.

So, why not think of investing in developing some interactive and qualitative eLearning courses for your employees right now? Why not build a training resource that can be used over and over again? This initiative can help improve employee skill set and finally benefit the organization in the long run.

Why E-learning?

Owing to its many advantages, online learning continues to grow in the corporate sector! According to “73% of Training in Fortune 500 companies is delivered via online methods” and eLearning magazine 2013 says that 41.7% of global Fortune 500 companies use technology during formal training hours.

  • Online courses or eLearning can greatly reduce the travel costs involved in organizing classroom training programs allowing organizations to train larger number of employees within a short span of time.
  • It provides massive return on investment that can impress the senior management in organizations.

If you have still not ventured into eLearning, this is the best time to do it. You can start off with compliance, safety or process training courses by leveraging your existing classroom training material. And where classroom training is a must, eLearning can be used as a complementary training for pre-training orientation or post-training evaluation sessions.

Here are some screens of interactive training courses.

Screenshot of Interactive Training Courses

Screenshot of Interactive Training Courses

If you also have some training budgets to play around with, think about putting it to good use now. Online training courses may not be the only option to spend your remaining training budgets, but it would definitely take your training to the next level and make your employees happy.

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