E-learning Strategies to Train Employees on Performance Management

E-learning Strategies to Train Employees on Performance Management

It is that time of the year again, when most companies assess their employees and make decisions for the coming year. The very notion of appraisals evokes a sense of discomfort among the employees. Apprehensive of how to make the entire process friendly?

The need of the hour is to educate employees about Performance Management.

This is where eLearning comes as a boon to you. You can get a customized course designed, which will cater to your needs. It will educate employees about the Performance Management strategies in place in your organization. It can focus on the developmental activities, training programs, rating scales, remuneration schemes and the like followed in your organization.

There are 3 main areas that come to my mind, in which eLearning can help in training employees about performance management.

1. Online Performance Management Tool

If you have an in-house online performance management tool, eLearning provides a great way to educate employees about the same. Using simulations, you can show the usage of the tool step by step, right from the log-in stage. Tasks, such as setting objectives of self, and subordinates, keeping track of the objectives, rating subordinates, suggesting alternative measures can all be explained through simulations.

Employees get familiar with the tool, navigating through it, its various sections and options. It becomes easy when they actually have to log in and use it.

2. Dispelling Misconceptions about Performance Management

Employees have many misconceptions about performance management. Scenarios are a great way of clearing the air about them. Using dialogues between a manager and subordinate, the doubts can be cleared and the benefits can be put across in a way that engages learners and gains their attention.

To further reduce the employees’ negative attitude towards the topic, the quiz can also be converted into a fun activity rather than the traditional boring assessment. This dispels the notion that they are being tested and will infuse interest.

3. Educating about Opportunities for Learning and Development

The course can provide information about the various developmental activities, rating scale applicable in the organization using a wide variety of eye-catching interactivities.

These along with a huge plethora of options can be used to provide a customized eLearning program to the employees, which will lose their inhibitions and embrace the concept of Performance Management.

Do you have any other quick tips on making Performance Management Program friendly and receptive? Do share with us.

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