E-learning the UberWay: Benefits of Running an E-learning Program Via Outsourcing

E-learning the UberWay: Benefits of Running an E-learning Program Via Outsourcing

Uber has been the talk of the town ever since it began; how does a transportation company with no cars or cabs become so successful? How do they run an international travel company without owning any vehicles? The answer is simple – they outsource drivers with vehicles who use the company as a platform to gain customers.

So how can e-learning be similar to the Uber way of working? The answer is a simple as Uber’s services! Outsourcing e-learning is the way to go. Just as Uber benefits from outsourcing cars and drivers, in the same way, you too how can e-learning be similar to the Uber way of working? The answer is as simple as Uber’s services! Outsourcing e-learning is the way to go. can reap the many benefits of outsourcing your e-learning program.

Here are 10 sure shot benefits of outsourcing you can gain like Uber did!

1. Lower Labor Costs

Hiring and training instructional designers, visual designers, and developers can be a very expensive affair. And hiring a team of designers for a one-time project is financially a bad decision; with outsourcing you have resource flexibility. You don’t have to worry about hiring additional people; your vendor probably has all the resources available ready for your project and all you need to spend money on is for the course development. According to the Global Industry Analysts Inc. report, the turnover of the global learning services outsourcing market is expected to reach up to $6.0 billion by 2015.

2. Higher Efficiency

When you outsource your online course development to an external vendor, they provide their years of expertise and update you on the latest trends in e-learning; by this they deliver complex courses with ease. The greatest benefit of outsourcing e-learning is that your vendor with their extensive understanding of the domain leads to quicker and higher productivity in creating your courses.

3. Up-to-date with the Latest Technologies

A good e-learning vendor will have all the latest authoring tools and templates to start your e-learning project right away. If you have to develop the course with your in-house team, it might take you days or even weeks to get all the new updated authoring tools and software you need to begin course development. For such situations, outsourcing is your best bet to develop high quality courses within a tight deadline.

4. Time Zone Benefit

Other than cost and technology advantages, you also have the time zone difference that saves tons of time when it comes to meeting deadlines. Imagine the amount of time you save when you assign some new work or change before leaving for work and when you are back to the office, your work has been done! Such a unique benefit is available only when you outsource your e-learning project.

5. Continuity and Consistency

Another advantage of outsourcing e-learning is that you will have the same level of consistency and continuity between two different modules, thereby reducing the risk of substandard design and development. For instance, if you develop a course in-house, your first module was developed by, let us say, Mr. A; when it was time to develop the second module, Mr. A quit. The second module was developed by Mr. B. In such a case, there will always be a degree of variation between the two modules and this will inevitably confuse the learner. In such cases, it is best to outsource, because outsourcing vendors strive to create courses that show creativity, continuity, and consistency of their skill.

6. Learning Oriented 

The best part about having to outsource e-learning is that your vendor solely specializes in a specific subject area and more learning oriented when compared to an in-house team. An in-house team might develop a course just for the sake of making one and rolling it out, but when it comes to e-learning vendors, they are determined to create an unforgettable learning experience for your employees. These vendors are more knowledgeable about adult learning than any temporary in-house team.

7. Stress-Free Development 

When you outsource your e-learning program, all you need to do is send them your requirements and then simply forget about it! Sit back and relax while your vendor does all the ground work and creates a course that you can instantly launch on your LMS. Outsourcing relieves you of all the aspects that make course development stressful.

8. Quick Start 

With an outsourcing vendor, it barely takes any time to kick start an e-learning project. These vendors have the available resources and are well equipped to handle tight deadlines and deliver quality courses. When compared to gathering a new team and looking for internal employees who match the skill set, settling down with an external vendor helps you start your project immediately.

9. Lowers Risk 

Every new e-learning venture carries some risk with it – will it click with your employees or is your training budget sufficient to start an e-learning campaign? With an outsourcing vendor, you can be certain that they cover all the risk factors before rolling out the course, and 9 out 10 times, outsourcing an e-learning project is cost effective when compared to an in-house build.

10. Highly Experienced

E-learning vendors are experts in their field; this is because they have tons of experience and are up-to-date on all the new changes and trends in the learning design area. When it comes to outsourcing, choose a vendor who is in the business of e-learning for more than a decade and have a long list of clients and a global reach. The more experienced your vendor is, the better the results!

Highly Experienced

Give e-learning outsourcing a try and see for yourself how these ten benefits will do wonders to your e-learning project as it did to Uber. If you have tried and tested outsourcing, please do share your experience.

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